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In the office advokatfirma I meyer a German-Danish team of lawyers is available to you.

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Hans-Oluf Meyer, Kanzleiinhaber

Fachanwalt für Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht
Advokat (L), LL.M. & Rechtsanwalt 

Areas of practice
Hans-Oluf Meyer (1969) is both Danish and German lawyer. He provides advice predominantly in German/Danish legal matters in areas of international contract law, international private law and litigation. In Danish law he basically focuses on contract law, company/commercial law and the tort law.

Right of audience
– in Denmark:
High Court, Maritime and Commercial Court Copenhagen
– in Germany:
Amtsgerichte (district courts), Landgerichte (regional courts) and Oberlandesgerichte / Kammergericht Berlin (state courts)

1995 Cand. jur., Århus Universitet
1995/1996 Danish student of Germans Academic Exchange Service
1996 Master’s degree
1996/1999 Junior judge (Advokatfuldmægtig)
1999 Danish Advocate in Copenhagen
2001 Aptitude test to the registration as a German lawyer
2001 German lawyer
2007 – 2015 Board of the incorporated law society of Berlin
2009 Ambassador of Berlin
2012 Specialist attorney for commercial and corporate law
2013 – 2015 Int. al. representative for education for the Berlin Law Society
2013 Kraks Blå Bog, the Danish official “Who is Who”
2013 President of EureseaU (international network for lawyers)

German, Danish, English, French

– Danish Association of Lawyers and Economists (Danmarks Jurist- og Økonomforbund):
ambassador for companies (virksomhedsambassadør)
– Bar Association Berlin (Anwaltskammer):
member of the board
– Danish Bar association (advokatsamfundet)
– German Bar association (Deutscher Anwaltsverein)
– German-Nordic-lawyers association


Bastian Ellendt


Areas of practice
Bastian Ellendt (1982) gives legal advice mainly in areas of general civil law as well as labour and employment law. He also provides advice in legal matters of criminal law.

2001-2006 Studies of law in Berlin an Munich
2007-2008 Scientific employee of the German Bundestag
2008-2010 Internship in Berlin
2010 Ass. Jur., Berlin
Since 2010 Phd. In comparative law
2011 Lawyer, Berlin

Right of audience
Amtsgerichte (district courts), Landgerichte (regional courts) and Oberlandesgerichte / Kammergericht Berlin (state courts)

German, English

Bar Association Berlin (Anwaltskammer)
German-Swiss Lawyers‘ Association (DSJV)


Franka Ackermann


Areas of practice
Franka Ackermann (1976), LL.M., gives legal advice mainly in areas of labour law. She also provides advice in legal matters of general civil law, compensation an traffic law. Additionally she has law of liability for medical malpractice.

Right of audience
Amtsgerichte (district courts), Landgerichte (regional curts) and Oberlandesgerichte / Kammergericht Berlin (state courts)

German, English, Swedish

Bar Association Berlin (Anwaltskammer)


Jeanette Lindberg


Areas of practice
Cand.jur. Jeanette Lindberg (1985), LL.M, mainly advises in tort law, sales law, real estate and international private law. She specialized herself in the choice of law within the context of traffic accidents with an international connection.

2004 – 2006    Office assistant specialized in public administration, District Court in Viborg
2008 – 2015    Legal Department Assistant, Hamburg
2016 – 2021    Legal assistant, advokatfirma meyer, Berlin
2017               Internship, The Danish Embassy in Berlin
2021               Cand.jur (LL.M), Aarhus University
2021               Jurist, advokatfirma | meyer, Berlin

German, English, French


Philipp Lemke

Rechtsanwalt, LL.M.

Areas of practice
Philipp Lemke (1975) gives legal advice mainly in areas of commercial law and company law as well as general civil law.

Right of audience
Amtsgerichte (district courts), Landgerichte (regional courts) and Oberlandesgerichte / Kammergericht Berlin (state courts)

German, Danish, English


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advokatfirma | meyer
is Team Rynkeby Sponsor


Als Spezialisten für die Vollstreckung von Titeln (z. B. Gerichtsentscheidungen) auch in Dänemark verfassten die Rechtsanwälte Meyer und Ellendt für das Berliner Anwaltsblatt einen kurzen Autorenbeitrag hierüber. Dieser erschien im Berliner Anwaltsblatt im Heft 10/2023, 72. Jahrgang. Den Text können Sie hier lesen.

Lawyer Hans-Oluf Meyer takes over the authorship for the thesis on the legal situation in Denmark in case of traffic accidents for the Deubner-Verlag as part of the work „Verkehrssachen – Mandate zügig und erfolgreich bearbeiten“ (Stand Februar 2022).

advokatfirma | meyer støtter Team Rynkeby som guldsponsor

Team Rynkeby is well known in Denmark, but since its foundation twenty years ago it has become a European project where charity cycling teams from several cities in Europe cycle from their home destination to Paris in the same week to watch the end of the Tour de France. The aim is to raise money for children’s cancer funds in each country. Today, the German juice group Eckes-Granini with its three brands Rynkeby, Go Morgen and hohes C is behind the project. Today, Team Rynkeby consists of 2,400 exercise cyclists and 550 volunteers in 59 local teams from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Germany and Switzerland. In July 2022, for the first time, a team of 30 cyclists, including lawyer Hans-Oluf Meyer, will cycle about 1,200 km from Berlin to Paris within a week to meet the other teams. 2022 will be a special year for the Danish participants, since the Tour de France starts in Denmark. In 2020, Team Rynkeby could give € 8.79 million to organisations helping children with critical illnesses. Of this, € 152,749 went to the German Children’s Cancer Foundation. Since 2002, the cycling teams have cycled and raised more than € 75 million.

September 9th lawyer Hans-Oluf Meyer in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Trade Council and the Trade Department at the Danish Embassy in Berlin participated in a Masterclass Workshop at Food Nation at Axelborg in Copenhagen with a presentation on the legal challenges of export and establishment in Germany. Participants were Danish companies that market their food products in Germany and that want to increase their activities in the German market.

advokatfirma | meyer and Novasol tenants are confirmed by the Danish consumer ombudsman in Corona cases: Novasol cannot retroactively change terms of business. The newspaper The Nordschleswiger reports:
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“If force majeure applies to Novasol, this must also apply to the consumer.” Attorney Meyer has complained about Novasol’s unilateral change of business terms in the midst of the pandemic. The newspaper Lübecker Nachrichten reports:
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advokatfirma | meyer wins in third instance a decisive process for German road accident victims at the Danish Supreme Court, Højesteret. The case concerned the fundamental question of which law is applicable if a German car causes an accident on a business trip in Denmark and the employees want to bring claims against their employer.

Dänische Ferienhausvermittlungen und die Covid-19-Pandemielage
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Artikel in “Der Nordschleswiger”: Enttäuschte Mieter gehen gegen Ferienhausanbieter vor
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Ausgewählte Informationen zu aktuellen Entwicklungen im Recht der Kurzarbeit, im Arbeitsrecht, im Insolvenzrecht, im Mietrecht und im Zivilrecht zu Zeiten der Sars-Cov-2-Pandemie
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The Danish founder and partner of the lawfirm Hans-Oluf Meyer has successfully transferred the Scandinavian way of team-work into our German law firm and we are therefore very glad to present a high standard concerning both our reachability towards our clients as well as our legal advice, as our cases are regularly surveyed by more than one lawyer.

TVS – Newscast:
15. juli 2012 19.30

Following the main news on July 15, 2012, Danish television showed a report with and about attorney Hans-Oluf Meyer and his law firm in Berlin (the program is in Danish):